To Sheathe or Not to Sheathe


Is that the question?

I would recommend getting around to For Honor with your weapon unsheathed, and it implements a fast paced, strategy fighting style that consumers are looking for. For Honor is a third person, melee based game from the Ubisoft Studios. Bringing you to the battle selecting your choice of factions. Three factions face off to fight for the freedom of their people, while trying to remain peaceful a fourth party wants to see the world crumble before your eyes.


Take your pick from the three playable factions:


The Knights: A group of heroes formed on the same mission, fighting for freedom and peace. Warriors sent to battle to fight for the freedom of the world. Each faction giving you the ability to select from four classes of heroes.

The Warden


Name: The Warden

Skill Set: Easy

Fighting Style: Adaptable, Straightforward

Bio: The Warden, or better seen as your typical “Knight” in most stories. Experts of the Longsword the Wardens strive to adapt to their surroundings. That it be trying to dominate the field with agility and strength, or playing their enemy with a defensive stand. The Warden can be used in all situations.







Name: The Peacekeeper

Skill Set: Medium

Fighting Style: Agile, Dual Wielding

Bio: The Peacekeeper, or better known as the “Assassin”. Quick and agile, you will never see them coming. Masters of the daggers and dual wielding. Peacekeepers use agility and guerilla tactics to overcome their enemies. You won’t a Peacekeeper going head to head with another class rather than seeing it’s quick and deadly attacks. No holding a great health pool, but quickness overcomes the Peacekeepers obstacles. 







Name: The Conqueror

Skill Set: Medium

Fighting Style: Defensive, Strong Counter

Bio: The Conqueror, wielding the Medieval Flail, and a kite-shield. The flail may not be large but the Conqueror can knock you back without hesitation. Having the ability to block attacks from all incoming directions and countering attacks quicker than you can react. This class is not used solely for attacking but wearing down their enemy with a strong defensive stance and a hard hit.






Name: Lawbringer

Skill Set: Hard

Fighting Style: Strong Defense, Strong Counter, Wide area attack

Bio: The Lawbringer, sworn to fight for justice and obey. Crime is not a possibility with a Lawbringer around. Wielding the two-handed Halberd. Accuracy is a key when defeating the Lawbringer, if the attack is not keen then the battle is over before it began. Using the area attack on your foes can be draining but let’s hope you’re not in the way of the attack as it’s a deathly blow.







The Samurai: Masters of Honor, and the art of battle. The Samurai are believers in strong Honor. Practicing for many centuries on the art of agility and swiftness. Select from the four main classes of the Samurai.




Name: Orochi

Skill Set: Hard

Fighting Style: Agile, Counter Attack

Bio: The Orochi, masters of the Katana, using great agility and balance to overcome their foes. Not only will the Orochi counter attacks with swiftness and high damage but moving so quick that catching them off guard is out of the question. Low health and medium armor build but strong when using a successful counter.







Name: Kensei

Skill Set: Easy

Fighting Style: Adaptable, Good Range

Bio: Similar to The Warden class for the Knights. The Kensei mastered the use of the Katana, and reading the battlefield to their advantage. Being able to change pace at the blink of an eye to overcome their foes. Adapting to their enemies, and mastering the ability to battle two more or more enemies at once with the increased blade length.






Name: Shugoki

Skill Set: Easy

Fighting Style: Disabler, Strong Attack

Bio: This is very similar to The Lawbringer, but much stronger and slower in speed. Master of the two handed blunt weapons, and wielding the two-handed Kanabo. Attacking this character with both light and heavy attacks rarely have an effect on his stance. He may be slow at running and attacking but his hits can stun and knock you down with ease. Best used as a power player who is good with countering for speed reasons.






Name: Nobushi

Skill Set: Hard

Fighting Style: Long Rage, Versatile Retreats

Bio: Master of the two-handed light weapon, the Glaive. The Nobushi has very low armor rating but fast speed. The bleeding effect the Glaive holds makes well aimed attacks extremely deadly. They’ve also mastered the Guerilla tactics of “hit and run” methods. Coming and going with no real invitation or realization. When spotting the Nobushi be careful with the versatile style of fighting. 







The Vikings: Living in honor and fighting for acceptance into Valhalla. Their Nordic beliefs and fighting values are never so close to being a family when fighting aside their brothers and sisters on the battlefield.



Name: Warlord

Skill Set: Medium

Fighting Style: Harasser, Strong Counter

Bio: The Warlord, simple use of weaponry with the Broadsword and Circle Shield. It may be simple but they have the techniques mastered to be the most deadly tools of the trade. Having the ability to block attacks from all directions similar to The Conqueror. Fighting with great stamina and medium basic attacks and using their shield to strong counter attacks they’re a dangerous enemy on the battlefield.






Name: Raider

Skill Set: Easy

Fighting Style: Adaptable, Straightforward

Bio: Similar fighting style to The Warden, adapting to their surroundings and enemies. Dealing damage with the Two-Handed Axe, and brute force the Raider will dominate the battlefield to achieve victory. Strong armor rating and well versed in one-on-one combat. 






Name: Berserker

Skill Set: Hard

Fighting Style: Short Range, Harasser

Bio: Don’t let the fact that the Berserker wields dual small hatchets let you think he doesn’t deal damage. Similar to the Peacekeeper they use agility and speed to create massive damage combination attacks. Medium damage and resistance the Berserker is quick with their attacks and great with versatile attacks.






Name: Valkyrie

Skill Set: Hard

Fighting Style: Adaptable, Disabler

Bio: One of the strongest classes in the game the Valkyrie combines The Warden and The Lawbringer into one class. That sounds absolutely brutal and the truth is, it is a terrifying combination. Mastering the Long Spear the Valkyrie has the ability to attack from behind their shield, making attacking them difficult. Having versatile attacks and creating deadly combinations the Valkyrie will dominate multiple foes at once.






Now that we’ve disclosed a lot of information about the Factions and Classes of For Honor let’s get into the ( in depth ) story and review.




I participated in many of the testing phases in For Honor so I had an understanding of the basics pretty quickly upon release. Always favoring the Knight faction I knew I was going to stay with them indefinitely. I played many hours into The Lawbringer during the testing phases, but upon release there was something about The Warden that drew me in. Favoring decent speed and the Longsword I couldn’t turn it down.

I started the game with the Tutorial ( as you receive Steel which is currency ) after completing both the Basic and Advanced tutorials. I then headed over to the Story Mode which was surprisingly intriguing. The story was layered with Three Chapters, and Six Missions per Chapter. I finished the whole story in about nine hours.


Chapter One ( Knights ): Running through the story of a simple mercenary who becomes a Warden in the first mission fighting for the fiercest army in the land, The Blackstone Legion. Hired as a mercenary you start off defending the castle from Holden Cross, a strong Lawbringer working with Apollyon (Lead of the Blackstone). After destroying Cross’ “second” he Knights you into the Blackstone Legion. After fighting a few missions worth of people and help defending the Legions assets The Warden or you as the player slowly realizes that Apollyon is fighting the war for the wrong reason and you disband the Blackstone Legion as you took an oath to fight for peace not centuries of war.

Chapter Two ( Vikings ): The first Chapter ends with destroying the food supply for the Vikings and for years they fight and destroy each other for food. This was Apollyon’s plan from the start. A Raider rises up ( Player ) to take back their honor and take down Apollyon. After fighting through some Dictator-Like Viking leaders the Raider finally gathers enough soldiers to fight against Apollyon.


Chapter Three ( Samurai ): The Vikings wipe through the Samurai’s Castle’s, and Apollyon picks up the scraps to build a team from the Samurai. Apollyon throws a group of Samurai in the Myre to fend for themselves and whoever rises to the top becomes to the new Emperor/Empress. You play as a Kensei by the name of Anu, and take charge from the Myre. Your main character balances off the Orochi for the rest of the game/chapter. Eventually after regaining power and allies The Samurai decide to march on Apollyon’s Castle, home of the Blackstone Legion. Before getting to Castle you run into a group of unorganized Knights. Finding out The Warden, Holden Cross, Mercy (Peacekeeper), Stone (Conqueror) are forming an army against Apollyon. They leave the path clear to march on the castle. Fighting through the Legion you eventually get a few small boss fights against Apollyon then eventually ending with defeating her. She explains that all the Factions will never see peace but only war and even though the factions fought together they still have the goal of destroying the opposite factions.


Epilogue: The leaders of the factions Anu (Samurai), Stigandr (Vikings) and Holden Cross (Knights) agree they want peace but also agree that getting peace across the land is going to kill them as it’s not an easy task and that is where we land on Multiplayer. It’s believed and heavily implied the character playing in the Faction War is where you land with ending the story.

********END OF SPOILERS********

Overall Review ( 8 Out of 10 )

Overall Gameplay: 8

I am giving this section an 8/10 because overall the game is fun to play. Multiplayer has me hooked on playing and the story was absolutely intriguing.

Graphics: 7

Ubisoft always delivers aesthetically pleasing graphics in my opinion and they did an amazing job. The reason it’s a 7/10 is because when you get up close to the characters there is very MINIMAL work on the details. I understand it’s not important in some opinions but someone with OCD has had to notice something like this.

Story: 10

One of my favorite stories created in a game ( Next to Wolfenstein: The New Order ). It’s made me sitting on the edge my seat and sometimes even cry ( out of joy ). If a game can do that then hats off to you good sir!

Fighting Technique: 9

This one was very important to me. When locked into a battle with another Hero or Class they call that the Art of War, and you’re locked into a skill based fighting style. I love the ability to block and attack in three directions. It’s almost like playing chess as you almost have to have an idea as to what attack or move the enemy is going to make next. You have to understand the skill set of the opponent and their specific values to fight at a professional level. They created different ways to fight instead of attacking and countering attacks. Having Guard Breaks being able to throw enemies in any direction ( Or off a structure ). All of this being skill based it’s happening in a fast paced area so quick wits and decisive decisions is crucial. I believe one of the players favorite option in the fighting is if you finish an opponent off with a Heavy Attack, you begin the execution phase which is a basic humiliation for the player who lost. You can SHOW the player that you’re better not only by defeating them but by chopping their head off or killing them in a unique signature depending on the class.

Multiplayer: 7

People are fun, and battling extremely difficult AI Bots are even better. I do some solo 1v1 PVP ( Player Versus Player ) but overall it’s better with the AI. Having the option to enjoy 1v1 or 2v2 battling, Deathmatch, and Dominion ( Point Control ). People do bother me though and have no Honor in my opinion. If you’re looking for a rewarding fight with someone then don’t dig deep in multiplayer as people love to steal kills because it’s easy to tag team people.

Servers: 5

I absolutely think they should move from Undedicated Servers. It’s extremely unstable and matchmaking is a nightmare. Currently playing the game to this day ( 11 Days after official release ) playing 1v1 still does not give instant rewards after participating.

Character Development: 7

Being able to choose your instruments of doom. They broke the character system into sections.

Armor: Head, Chest, Arms

Weapon (Depends on Weapon): Hilt (Handle), Guard, Blade

Not ONLY were they aesthetically created for us but each item above has different statistics and you can choose them depending on how you wanted your playstyle to be. Once reaching a certain level you can access Load-outs which helps with the leftover items. The items have specific values and are listed below.

Helmet: Debuff Resistance, Revenge Mode Duration, Exhaustion Recovery (When Stamina Drains)

Chest: Execution Health Regain, Block Damage, Sprint Speed

Arms: Block Damage Resistance, Revive Speed, Stamina Regen

Blade: Attack, Defense, Stamina Cost Reduction

Hilt: Feat Cooldown Reduction, Revenge Mode Defense, Revenge Gain by Defense

Guard: Throw Distance, Revenge Mode Attack, Revenge Gain by Injury

Customization: 8

This is a very minimal section that ties into the area above but my thoughts on this is it’s not only selecting a piece of armor or weapon piece you too have the ability to change the look of the armament. If you’re the kind of player that sticks to looking good and having the best fighting ability then For Honor gives you that option. Once you reach certain levels of the game you unlock more incredible ways to show off what you look like. Changing the metal used in your armor ( if you have any ) to Copper, Gold et cetera. So it goes a little deeper than armor and weapons but modifying an aura for when your Character uses an Emote, or Execution or just an idle position.

Replayability: 8

The one thing I look for in EVERY game is the ability to play 200+ hours worth of the game. Now 200 isn’t a set number it’s more of the saying that I can play that game for many days and still discover things about it that I haven’t seen until then. Now this is by NO MEANS an RPG style game with free roam like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim but the game keeps drawing you back for the gameplay. Meeting interesting, and very skilled players adds to that score I gave it.

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