Chasing the Meta at Adepticon 2017: Will it win or will it break?

There is always a Meta shift when it comes to 40k. Each year we see different Meta’s form based on games, tournament rules, and new codexes(or is it codices). Sometimes there are armies that can be built to counter the current Meta, see Sean Nayden’s 2015 Tyranid list, but often the lists are brutally built to optimize efficiency. This year at Adepticon will be no different. Here is a look at some army units that you should expect to see at this years event.

Sister’s of Silence.

The past few years have been dominated by Psychic Powers in the game. Telepathy 5 anyone?  White Scars Librarian Conclave, Red Scorpions Severin Lloth, and Tigurius became must take units in the game. That changed a few months ago with the release of Sister’s of Silence. A powerful unit that costs only 75 points. Not to mention that they have 3+ armor, Bane of Psykers, and Psychic Abomination. Psychic Abomination is so nasty that Psykers lose -3 to their leadership and can only harness on a 6+. So much for that 300+ Conclave that you brought to the table. Blessings and Maledictions have no effect within a 12 bubble of a single model. Put them in a straight line and you have a nearly 40″ bubble that denies Invisibility. A great Ally of Convenience to that Tau Triptide player. Speaking of which.

Tau Triptide

The Tau Triptide is by far one of the deadliest formations in the game. Armed with devastating weapons, Skyfire, and the ability to ignore cover with their little helpers the Triptide will be out in force. Expect to see 3-4 armies in the top 16 using these guys to mow down their opponents.

The Triumvirate of the Imperium.

I was debating whether or not to write about this Triumvirate or the Ynnead one, but since the Eldar will have their own section I decided the first. St. Celestine may be the best character in the game right now. She has five wounds with Eternal Warrior, 2 body guards with 2 wounds each, and the ability to stand back up. Belisarius Cawl is a good tank that can take just as many shots with T6 and healing at the start of his turn. Greyfax will be fun for slowing down those guys on bikes.


The strongest codex in the game will continue to glory. Maelstrom games are all the rage and Jetbikes with crazy movement and strength 6 is no laughing matter. Wraithguard with D-Scythes and your friendly neighborhood Wraith Knight have so much win built in to them. The tournament will certainly see a deluge of these pointy eared bastards. Now if only my Orkz could get some love. I’ll never leave you Ghazgull.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Do you think we will see more Gladius or will people be bringing the pain with Brett Perkins Renegades list? How about Bark-Star?

Leave your comments below.

Adepticon 2017

2 Replies to “Chasing the Meta at Adepticon 2017: Will it win or will it break?”

  1. I agree with what you have identified as strong lists. I disagree that there are no chaos or imperial dog stars, as both of those have a great deal of potential. You also do not include daemons, which I feel is an oversight as they can be absolutely brutal. What are your thoughts on these armies and their various strengths and weaknesses?

    Do you believe that the length of time that tau and eldar have been out has changed the nature of their strengths? Everyone knows what a riptide wing does and factors that into their plans, so does this decrease the effectiveness of the riptide wing? Everyone knows how scatterbikes play, but they are quite solid to begin with. Can they be countered?

    How do you think the missions alter or effect the strength of various lists?

    1. I agree with you on Daemons. Magnus should help to flood the board. I am almost willing to spend 150 points in Ork anti-air because of it.

      The Tau and Eldar to me are so strong because of the numbers. It’s hard to come up with efficient counters and when you do, the armies can adjust. Imagine what is going to happen to that Renegades list when D-Scythes start hunting them down.

      I think that with Maelstrom it make GSF almost automatic for Imperial Players, while games like the Relic can be an easy win for Death Stars. I’d love to see a third type of game develop for players.

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