What’s G3arbox Up To?

Well the news is coming! Borderlands 3 or “Bord3rlands” is coming as we all expected. Nothing but images so far, but the images look… wait, somewhat like the other games?
All of this information was released by Randy Pitchford at GDC 2017, which was showcased in the Unreal Engine 4 features and development aspects. These images are some of the assets used in “Bord3rlands”. The one main disclaimer he gave the fans was these are made for the technical demo so aspects can change. Whether it’s the art style or 3D aspects in general these aren’t set in stone for the final product.
I know their cartoon style game almost revolutionized a style of gaming ( in my opinion ) but after Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel flaking more than expected Borderlands 3 will be an interesting move on Gearbox and the series.
After comparing these image above ^^^ to some of the characters we’ve seen portrayed in the other installments it seems it’s very similar which is both good and bad because now we have to rely on story, freedom, and the RPG elements the game initially prepared for us as players.

The team getting into the new Unreal Engine can change the game ( pun intended ) completely as engines are always updating and new features, aspects are introduced every update. Not only making coding, or just creating the game in general easier for the development team but allowing creative freedom on character design and object design as well.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens after the Technical Demo to get a real feel for the game and in-game objects.

Image result for Borderlands 2 jack
Jack from Borderlands 2