The Silent King of the Inhumans has been chosen. All Hail Black Bolt.

When Marvel first announced that they were going to be creating an Inhumans movie I could not hold back my excitement. I have long been a fan of Jack Kirby and if you think about his work at Marvel then the Inhumans are at the top of that list. At the top of the Inhumans is the Silent King Black Bolt. One of the most powerful beings on Earth Black Bolt must remain silent because even his merest whisper could destroy mountains. When the movie was first announced I had dream cast Vin Diesel into the role, but instead he is the voice of Groot(an excellent one at that). Then Marvel decided not to do the movie and instead create a television show. While the movie would have been great, I believe that a television show will be even better.

The Family

The Inhumans are about family, duty, and honor. Remind you of any other show on television? Yes I am saying it. The Inhumans could be Marvel’s Game of Thrones. The cast already swells with the casting of Iwan Rheon as Maximus the Mad the younger brother of Black Bolt as the eventual antagonis.

Anson Mount

The casting of Anson Mount is one of the strongest casts in Marvel Television. If you saw him in Hell on Wheels you got to see an actor portray a flawed, yet amazing character. His emotional range is easily enough for the silent, stoic King.