Playing the Anti- Meta. A case for Orkz at Adepticon

Ghazgull Orkz
Yesterday I wrote about the Meta at Adepticon, now I am talking about the Anti-Meta.Six years ago,when I first started playing Warhammer 40k, I had two choices of what I wanted to play, Space Wolves or Orkz. At the time I was a student and funds were limited in this new hobby. I decided to Play Space Wolves as they were the more economical and if I am being honest they had Arjac Rockfist. During my time playing Space Wolves I changed my style of play from Fluffy to Competitive. I should thank Brandon Vallee for that. A few years back I was in a league with the guy at the start of 6th edition. He schooled me in the game with a competitive Bike Star list that got me thinking about the game in a new way. Fast forward a couple of years and I started to attend weekend long tournaments. My first was Da Boyz 2014. I attended with a large group of friends that year and in my first tournament I went 1-4. To be fair my only win was something that I squeaked out. I learned a lot there as well. One of the things that I learned was that I could not be so isolated in my local meta that I did not see the bigger picture of playing 40k competitively. Ten months later my good friends Jacky Jones(You know the guy winning all of the Paint Contests), Ryan Johnson and I were at Michigan GT. This time I was determined to take a competitive list. I showed up with Space Wolves and Dark Angels, which was great until a really good player named Zach Bowles introduced me to his list. I had no idea who Sevrin Lloth until then, I do now.  Two months later I showed up at Da Boyz, which was playing Highlander rules, and did much better.

2016: A Year Between

I spent most of 2016 outside of the game. I only got to go to one ITC minor tournament in November that was run by a friend named Tom Long. 2016 was also the year that I got back to the orkz. I love playing competitive lists and I really love the Ravenwing Black Knights, but there was something that was missing in my game. The challenge was dwindling. I had played a lot of games and as an avid video gamer will tell you, the challenge in any game is when you go Hard Mode. That is what the Orkz are for me. Last year I started playing Orkz exclusively. A lot of people seem dumbfounded when you say that you are playing Orkz. The game has become very shooty and with BS2, Orkz ain’t too goodz wit da shootin. They are slow and their best units aren’t very durable. They need to Forge World characters, Buzzgob’s Stompa and Zhadsnark, to have any chance. All of that is true, but let me ask you this? When was the last time you didn’t have fun playing a guy who was rolling with Orkz? When was the last time that you had a unit with 100 guys in it? WAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

2017: Da Year of Da Orkz

The start of 2017 for me was all about getting back to Competitive play for me. My first tournament this year was Glass City GT. A really competitive tournament in the area. At least 10 different Major GT winners were there. Here I was showing up with Buzzgob’s Stompa and a The Green Tide. I played well in the tournament and had my best showing ever. I won my bracket and scored 137 Battlepoints. Not bad for being out of the Majors scene for more than a year and also not bad considering the current Meta. Out of the five games I played I enjoyed 4 of them and had a lot of fun with those guys. The tide is always fun to watch and play. Guys who play it never get sad at the thought of killing Ork after Ork. I also never got blanked in any of the games that I played. That is huge for me as I love playing competitively, but no so much that I think I need to win a tournament. Of course, that Dark Angels-Riptide Wing-Sisters of Silence list is calling me.

What do you think? Do you like playing Orkz? Or are you a Blood Angels or Dark Eldar player. Let’s talk about it the comments below.

3 Replies to “Playing the Anti- Meta. A case for Orkz at Adepticon”

  1. Orks are great fun, but hard to play if you keep losing them and taking off models you spent hours painting by the handful.

    No idea who the FW characters there are.

    1. Buzzgob’s Stompa is a 400 pt. Stompa that can be found in Imperial Armour 8 as well as Zhadsnark. The Advantage to Zhadsnark is that he makes Warbikers Troops(and therefore Objective Secure), Gives the unit that he is in Scout and Skilled Rider, and his Power Klaw swings at Initiative 4. The Stompa has the typical 12 Hull Points, a D6 shield, Gaze of Mork, Lifta Droppa, and Three Big Shootas.

  2. Orks can be a harder army to run with because they have so many rock, paper, scissors matchups. It can be extremely unforgiving right now simply because they are supposed to be good at close combat but have no invulnerable saves. They can put a ton of bullets in the air but sometimes have trouble hitting water falling out of a boat. Without the obvious power creep present in some codexes it seems like a why bother? For me it’s simple. I’m simply too stubborn after 5 years to give up playing them so I work to find ways to win. It is 40k on hard mode but that makes the rarer victories all the sweeter. WAAGH on fellow warlords.

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