Trade-In Value = Priceless


Microsoft releases an amazing new system for Gaming. They’ve created a new digital-gaming service. Spending a fee and getting access to games for an unlimited amount of time. Not only getting to play Microsoft games, but having access to them in the backwards compatibility sense ( meaning playing Xbox 360 games on an Xbox One or any version in between ).

Does Microsoft have the ability to do this? OF COURSE they do it’s Microsoft ( laugh ) and they just did. What does this mean for other services? More importantly what does it mean for Gamestop. The stock market price for Gamestop tanks ( by 8% ) after this announcement, and this is only DAY ONE.

Why is this bad for Gamestop you ask? Well think about having an Xbox One and solely playing console. You have no need to visit your local Gamestop location to purchase things, instead you just pay a premium price of $9.99 USD and have access to an “endless” ( 100 ) library of games.

Gamestop is still not out of the game since they buy and sell reused items like consoles, games et cetera. Let’s hope Microsoft doesn’t start that service or else Gamestop will be 100% monopolized by 2018 in my opinion.