Forging a new Narrative with Orkz in Kill Team.

Whenever the discussion for Tournaments start and end Orkz are at the bottom of that list. Who can blame them as the boyz aren’t very good at shooting and while their Dakka seems high, it rarely is effective. Scoring more than 125 battlepoints in a single tournament and you are doing well. That is until Kill Team.

Kill Team

Kill team on the other hand is different. The limitations that it brings to the table help the Orkz to be a far more effective army. Let’s take a look at the following army:

++ Kill Team Detachment (Orks: Codex (2014) v2007) ++
Rules: Formation Restrictions

+ Elites +

········Nobz [‘Eavy Armour for Mob]
········Rules: ‘Ere We Go!, Furious Charge, Mob Rule
············Boss Nob [Big Choppa, Shoota]
················Combat Specialist [Rage]
················Rules: Rage
············Nob [Big Choppa, Shoota]
················Indomitable Specialist [Eternal Warrior]
················Rules: Eternal Warrior
············Nob [Big Choppa, Shoota]
················Guerilla Specialist [Fleet]
················Rules: Fleet

+ Troops +

········Boyz [13x Boy]
········Rules: ‘Ere We Go!, Furious Charge, Mob Rule
············Boss Nob [Power Klaw, Slugga]

The list that you see above has a lot going for it in Kill Team. Let’s take a brief look.

1.) The Nobz are stacked. I kept the unit to a small manageable force. Each has it’s own Specialist ability. One with Fleet, One with Rage, and one with Eternal Warrior. While there are some forces out there that will hit hard, Black Knights I am looking at you, This Kill Team will be poised to take on a lot of stuff.

2) It plays the numbers game well. A lot of guys for not a lot of points. 17 to be exact.

3.) The leader still hits hard. He may only have 6+ armor, but man does he have a hard hitting claw.A lucky roll will allow you to pick up another specialist trait and with very few strength 8 weapons you can be assured that a 5+ Feel No Pain on your leader is a viable option.

What do you think? Do you agree, leave a comment below.

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