There Can Only Be One!


Apparently they’re making a NEW Quake game which is great news for me personally as I grew up with playing all the Quakes. They then went into Quake: Arena and started making it an arena game which is were this idea was spawned from. Keeping the tradition up. They’re actually accepting invites into the Closed Beta for the game. If you’re a Quake fan then you can get into the game early if you’re lucky! I know I am going to apply!

One of the best mechanics in the series was the feel of the character. Making them easy and smooth to play. What’s nice is they’ve kept the same idea for Character development and movement.

It looks like they’ve kept the basic feel and look of the original games(Pick ups, weapon spawns, boosters etc.) Which keeps the nostalgia for players like myself and the true feel of Quake.

You can sign up through their official website here! Make sure to keep your Birth date correct to get that access!

Watching some of the gameplay not only is the playing style flawless they’ve kept the same Characters from the universe. You can catch Bethesda at PAX 2017 unveiling many projects and Quake will be one of them.