What If Character Creation Was The Whole Game

Whether its pen and paper, an MMO, or random video game many of us spend quite a bit of time creating a character the first time.   Granted once we are familiar with the game we breeze through it many times, but not the first time.  The first time it is special.  

The pen and paper game Traveller was infamous for its character creation.   You could go through a whole career or die at the roll of the dice.   This is even before you actually started playing the game.   What if the game ended there though?  This is the idea behind Character Creation Is The Whole Game.  

I don’t know if the creator Rob Beschizza is even aware of Traveller, but he uses a similar mindset in his game.    The first thing you do is configure how the character looks including their best toy.  Clicking the best toy multiple times gives you different options to scroll through.   As you can in see in the picture up top, I went with a guitar and a man bun.  By the way, I managed to get the guitar by clicking the blue orb.

On the next screen you can place your stats however you want.  One thing to note, once you run out of stat points, the game is over.   You get a paragraph or so about how you live out the rest of your life.   That’s the beginning, middle, and end.   

I highly suggest you try it out if you ever one to meticulously ever crafted a character in any game.  What will your character look like?  What is their dreams and aspirations?  What is their favorite toy?  

Check it out here

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  1. The Golden Afternoon
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