Five+1 Questions with Zack Bowles of Team Man Beard.

Fear the Beard!

Who is your favorite opponent?

Honestly don’t have a favorite opponent… I guess I’d have to say anyone who buys me a drink or us willing to drink with me during our match.

What army do you enjoy playing the most?

I will always love playing my orks because they have so many quirky rules and no one hates orks.

Why do you play Warhammer 40K?

I play it for the hobby and having awesome painted armies facing off against each other… and the competition of it all.

When did you start playing?

I started playing in 1999 when I was tutoring a really good friend in math.

Where do yourself five years from now?

In 5 years I’m hoping to be a commission painter/in the business of the hobby and just traveling around playing 40k

+1 Question

How many Zombies do you think you could take out before you succumb to the horde?
As many as it took to get my wife and daughter to safety…. if they’re already gone? Until my machete arm gets eaten off.

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