Five+1 questions with Artist Jacky Jones

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Who is your biggest influence?

Biggest influence is anybody that has a passion for the hobby. Doesn’t matter if it’s building, painting or gaming. It doesn’t matter if they are any good or not. I get motivated when people have a passion about any part of the game or the whole hobby. I only started playing in 2010 and went balls out jungle with my addiction to the plastic crack. I went from blood angels, to chaos space marines, to daemons, to Nids, to white scars and space wolves. I think there are about 6 armies I don’t have 2,000 plus painted points of. My largest collection is chaos and daemons. I have about 25-30k painted points of daemons.

What are you working on?

A few commissions – a Celestine box to sale, a scathach wraithknight, and refreshing my daemons.

Why did you choose to do this?

Because anyone can paint with a few basic techniques. Anyone can build with clippers and glue. It is a hobby where you can step away for 2-3 hours with your buddies or in a tournament and share a narrative. It’s also very awesome and humbling for people to ask for pictures of your displays and models. For all of those reasons- it why I chose to do this.

When will you be satisfied with your work?

Seldomly. I often go back and repaint many of my numerous armies. I have won several large GTs from an artistic perspective and placed in the top 5 at adepticon 3 years in a row. I still often wonder if I had added this or blended that better it would have really grabbed the judges attention. The most satisfaction comes from pushing the envelope and gamers coming to my display to ask how I did something. Expect something mind blowing for Michigan GT 2017. I hope the Judd he’s favor me this year.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Still playing 40k, delivering smack talk to my buds and sharing war stories from the Wastelanders road trips to tournies.

+1 question:

How many Zombies do you think you could take out before you succumb to the horde?

10k (tv reference, you know the name of the show if your cool)

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