Five+1 Questions with Game Designer Tomislav Spajic

Game Designer

Meet Tomislav Spajic, Game Artist at Ten Chambers Collective.


Favorite Video Game/Why?

Ah that’s simple, Half life 2. Best game story written, also most consistent scifi visually, much because of Viktor Antonov who designed the art. I think its still stunning.


Favorite Character From a Game Series/Why?

Super mario! Dude got serious mustache. Jump on crates, save princesses and eat mushroom, whats not to love about him?


Favorite Game Company?

Valve software. Simple because see first question, also because of great innovation not just game wise, but steam, vive vr and other things they got going that keeps impacting the industry big time. Great innovators!


At what age did you start your fascination with games (Developing and Playing)?

I started playing super early but didn’t play/develop until beginning of 00s. I guess around 10 and then developing around 14 years of age I think!


+1 Question: How many Zombies do you think you could take out before you succumb to the horde??

Not sure, depends on the gear, were I to get a rubber duck or something else worthless well that would be quick. A chainsaw? At least one hundred!