Playing one trick ponies. Or should I say Orkzies?

Playing One Trick Orkzies

This past weekend my Orkzies played at a local event in Ohio at a store called Immortals Inc. For those of you in Northeastern Ohio check out the store. It’s nice and the owner Carlos Robles and his crew have always been friendly. You can find them here on Facebook or online at ImmortalsInc The Tournament was run by local Dark Angels Guru Jeff who loves him some Belial(Who can blame him?) The Venue is a nice place.

We were playing the 2016 ITC scenarios found here:

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

So what was my strategy for this army? I wanted something that could dominate the center of the board. The Promethium Relay Pipes with the group of Burnaz allowed me to have a high volume of wounds with the only drawback being that the army wasn’t very mobile. My first round opponent played a fairly mobile Dark Angels list that scored four times by keeping his units in his backfield and with the limited reach that I had on my army, it cost me the game. My Second round opponent was Necrons and we ended in a tie. His durability outlasted my own, while my third round opponent brought orkz as well.

++ Combined Arms Detachment (Orks: Codex (2014) v2007) ++

+ HQ +

Big Mek w/ Mega Armour [Gift: Da Lucky Stikk, Kustom Force Field, Kustom Mega-blasta, Mega Armour]

+ Elites +

Burna Boyz [12x Burna Boy]

+ Troops +

3x Units of Boyz [9x Boy]
Boss Nob [Big Choppa, Slugga]
Trukk [Rokkit Launcha]
Rules: Ramshackle

Gretchin [10x Gretchin]
Runtherd [Grabba stik]

+ Heavy Support +

Mek Gunz [2x Ammo Runt, 2x Extra Gretchin, 2x Kustom Mega-kannon]

Mek Gunz [5x Ammo Runt, 1x Extra Gretchin, 5x Kannon]

Mek Gunz [1x Ammo Runt, 1x Traktor Kannon]

+ Fortification +

Promethium Relay Pipes
Rules: Fuel Siphon, Torrent

What do you think? Do you like or dislike the list what would you do differently? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Promethium Relay doesn’t work with Burnaz, as they are not listed under Flamer Weapons in the BRB.

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