Wednesday News for March 22, 2017: Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Fix?!

If you are experiencing issues with your brand new Joy-Con from the Nintendo Switch, stress no more! Nintendo may have found the solution!

If you are unaware of what these issues are, the left side of the Joy-Con controllers are disconnecting from the console during wireless gameplay. This issue isn’t happening to everyone, but, nonetheless, it is causing several unwanted deaths during actual gameplay. At least their batteries aren’t dying.

What you can do to fix this issue is to send the controller in to Nintendo and they should be able to fix it. What they’ll do is inserted a small piece of conductive foam into the lower right corner of the device. The foam would be placed right on top of its antennae. The conductive foam is used to shield electronics from radio-frequency interference, which is what Nintendo suspected of causing the issue in the first place. A small fix, but it seems to be fixing the problem. Although a newly purchased Joy-Con is decidedly foam-free, perhaps hinting that Nintendo has already altered its manufacturing process to fix the issue.

If you are experiencing any issues with your Joy-Con, please share in the comment section.