The Future of 40K: What is happening at Adepticon?

The future of Games Workshop at Adepticon

When Games Workshop began to work on the FAQ’s en masse last year it was the first indication that the company was taking seriously the community and it’s players. The social media team that they had hired was there to help players, hobbyists, and tournament organizers to make the game more palatable to everyone. The reality was that Games Workshop needed to look to the future of their game. Where they were going and where they needed to go.

The company has been notoriously closed off even from it’s fan base. One of the stories that I have frequently heard throughout the years is that their marketing strategy included standing in a store and counting the number of people playing the game vs. those not playing. That strategy has changed.

Adepticon announcements

Today at Adepticon Games Workshop announced several major changes. They announced that there would be an 8th addition to the game that would include major changes to how the game would be played. They previewed Death Guard, Shadowspire, and made several other announcements. If you go to their website right now you will find out that they are going to not house, but also support Tony Pacheco’s Warscroll Builder, an army builder for Age of Sigmar. That means that Games Workshop, rather than shutting something down, is supporting a 3rd party system that will be free for it’s players. A big change in their philosophy as a company.

What does it all mean?

It means that the company that we have all been talking about is making changes so that it’s fan base can have more of a voice in the product. Is this the new way of doing business? Can you as a consumer see yourself as a part of the overall scheme of things?

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