Will 8th see the rise of the Green Tide again? I bet it will.

The Rise of 8th Edition

The news yesterday coming out of Adepticon for 8th Edition has been very good to those of us who like to play the Waaagh. Let’s take a look at each piece of information and see what that news means to us.

Thematic Armies

Sixth and Seventh editions had a huge impact with thematic armies. Imperial Players especially were now allowed to mix and match their armies taking what units they wanted to make them tougher. CMSF Deathstar, Azrael Blob, Barkstar, and many others became essential armies on the battlefield. There were also armies that were of a Tau-Eldar alliance or in some cool, yet odd cases you would see Chaos-Necron armies. Today’s announcement did not necessarily change any of that, but it did give us hope that those of us playing thematic Ork armies would get rewarded. Re-rolls and army specific rules are all included in the promises.


The movement phase is going to change. Each unit will have a different type of movement, while that has not yet been clearly defined we can make quite a few assumptions on what can or should happen. Monstrous Creatures should move further than a standard infantry unit, while jetbikes, bikes, and jump packs will likely have different movement as well. 


There will be armour save modifiers for the shooting phase. This makes sense in a logical sense. Jetbikes should be more difficult to hit when shooting at them than say a standard guardsman. At the same time it should be more difficult for a low strength hit to damage an Ork. Will we see an agility score that accounts for this? I certainly can see something like that.

Combat Phase

The Combat Phase is going to see a big change. That Meganob with a Power Klaw suddenly hits first against your Wraith Knight, Riptide, or Mork(or is it Gork) forbid Stompa. Zhadsnark no longer needs to be your warbiker HQ.


No longer will And they shall know no fear, fearless, stubborn, or half a dozen other rules be so dominant. Wounds caused will matter. The question that I have is will my Green Tide get to multi-assault and count wounds for multiple units.