Taking a step back and getting ready for the next edition.

The Next Edition

Now that the dust has settled a bit for 8th edition at Adepticon a bit we can begin to look forward to the next edition of 40k. Two days ago I took a poll about what people felt about 8th. Those who responded were overwhelmingly in favor of it with 72% loving it, 8% hating it, and 20% wanting to have Duncan’s babies. While this is a very preliminary number it does show a lot of optimism in regard to the new system.

What are we going to do?

Warhammer Communities team has consistently said throughout the past two days that fan involvement will be an important part of the next edition. They’ve taken the time to reach out to guys like Frankie and Reece with LVO, Mike from Nova, and The Adepticon Team. Each tournament has built a reputation for having the best players in the country and the best organizers. So how are we going to prepare for the next edition?

The Next Steps

I am going to take my time with this edition. Do you remember that at the start of 6th edition there was a lot of hesitance with the changes that were being made, then with the addition of Maelstrom in 7th people were hesitating again. Personally,I am looking forward to that change as I want the game to evolve as the player also evolves and if I am being fair I want to see the mistakes that are going to eventually happen with 8th. Conflict needs to happen so that the evolution of gaming can happen for the players and it fan base. The last thing that needs to happen is stagnation, that for a gamer and a system is the death knell.

What do you think? What is your favorite new addition to eighth going to be? Answer in the poll below or leave a comment.

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