Youz gubbinz fer fixin’ youz. A response to the Regimental Standard.

A quick response

Earlier today over on the Regimental Standard the Imperials released a new medpack for it’s Guardsmen that will soon become the standard. Not to be outdone Mad Dok Grotsnik has decided to issue the new gubbinz for Da Boyz.

Da New Gubbinz

1.)’Ard Choppaz-These new choppaz are a bit different than the last Choppaz…they hit harda and more importantly are shinier. We took them off those new humies with da big arms. Now we can kill betta.
2.) A Mek Spork- While Humies use dis for eatin’, we use it for CHOPPA’ING…..just in case you lose yer choppa, now youz got a backup.
3.) Da Scalpel- Dis one is for you pain boyz….we upgraded and made dem faster by painting dem all red.
4.) Da Runtz-Dis one is simple. We give you a runt for when you are hurtin. Just rub it on the booboo.

Now we just need to make sure that der is boyz that can read dis. Actually how am I writing dis? I have no idea. Must be a Gork and Mork helpin me outs.

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