Talons of The Emperor Box Giveaway! Give me all your likes.

Talons of the Emperor Giveaway!


You asked for it and you’re getting it! We are having a Giveaway! Now through April 15th we are giving away a Talons of the Emperor Box from Duesr.com, Warhost Games, and Games Workshop. We will ship it for free any where in the United States. 

Here is how to enter: 

1. Like the Duesr.com Facebook page and share this post.

2. Like the Warhost Games Facebook page.

We will be livestreaming the video from our Youtube(Don’t forget to subscribe!) Channel on Saturday April 15th at 12 noon. You have until that time to enter.

That’s it. Good luck to all of you!

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20 thoughts on “Talons of The Emperor Box Giveaway! Give me all your likes.

  1. As screamed Boromir : ” It could be mine! It should be mine!!! ”

    For I fear other owners are more likely to loot the vehicles and splash’em red to go fastah, or add spikes and chains to desecrate them, while converting the sisters to a one-titted god or sm space-elves…

    +++. Heresy! +++

    Good luck to everyone with all that gold to thin our paints for!

  2. I would love to have some sisters and custodies to use. Stedaly building an huge imperium following in my pocket snd could use these guys very effectivly

  3. I would absolutely LOVE this, Im creating a huge narrative campaign for my local group and this would be a great addition!! They all play the filthy xenos lol. I got back into 40k about a month ago and I forgot how much I enjoyed the hobby and community. Cheers and good luck to everyone!

  4. The drawing is the day before my birthday, so here’s hoping for some bday magic to bring me luck! Hehe would really help me get back into the hobby.

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