A big thank you from Duesr.com and Warhost games.

Thank You

Hey everyone! I wanted to send out a huge thank you to those of you who liked and shared our Talons of The Emperor giveaway. To Celebrate we are going to give away more stuff! We are all asking you to like our pages and share this post. Make sure that you go to the Duesr.com page and the Warhost Games page and like them. This time we are giving away a Start Playing Box. To receive entry for this prize tell us in the comments on Duesr.com why you started collecting Warhammer 40K and what you would do with the box. What chapter would you paint it and why? We’ll include a poll below. Again, we will be glad to ship it to anyone in the United States, International Players will need to pay shipping.

Here is how to enter: 

1. Like the Duesr.com Facebook page and share this post.

2. Like the Warhost Games Facebook page.

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17 thoughts on “A big thank you from Duesr.com and Warhost games.

    1. got into forty k year’s ago and when raven guard finally came out I was hooked

  1. My father used to do model train stuff and my uncle collected 40k things. I was always interested in the aesthetic of the universe, death korps especially, as well as the entire process of assembling and painting model kits. Finally decided to jump in a couple months ago and I do not regret it one bit, the hobby is so different from my day to day job that it’s kind of therepeutic in a way. If I won the kit, I’d probably modify them to be true scale, and set them up as a custom Imperial Fists chapter I made through that one space marine chapter dice roll generator.

  2. I got into 40k by first reading the novels, eventually getting into the dawn of war video game series and then finally was introduced to the miniatures through a good friend. I love the space marine faction and would paint them in my own custom fluffy chapter, The Heralds of the Emperor. This kit would go a long way in replenishing my forces after a box was stolen out of my car a few months ago.

  3. Hi,
    I was introduced to 40k by friends whom I played various role-playing games with.
    I would probably add these warriors to my Black Templars, since I still have an upgrade box remaining.
    I wish a good luck to everyone!

  4. I started 40k after I got out of the Navy and needed a hobby. It has only escalated since then. As for this starter box.. deathwatch

  5. I got into 40k after my mum picking up a painting set for me about 15 years ago. I’d be using the start collecting box to add to my Brazen Claws Marine chapter 🙂

  6. I personally love the fluff of the salamanders and the green paint scheme is fun to paint. I am starting a Blood Tavens army as well. To do so I am looking to add to the collection.

  7. A teacher got me interested in 40k in Junior High back in the early ’90s. Since then, I’ve played and now share the game with my three older children. I’ll be painting these guys as my loyalist Luna Wolves. The 1st Company maintains the original colors, while the rest of the companies are painted black with green trim to honor those killed at the Drop Site Massacre.

  8. In 1988 walked into a comic book store called Ultimate dreams…they got calls for other things. Saw a white dwarf magazine and saw an article about warhammer 40000 rogue trade. Pre-ordered the book and that was al.osteoporosis 30 years ago. I will take this boxed set and add it to my crusader army (every marine is from a different army) thrown together to stop those alien invaders.

  9. I started collecting 40k because I was getting sick of the disconnect of online playing and missed gaming with actual people in person! and started falling in love with customizing the models. What I would do with this box. Well I was thinking salamanders personally. I started with Chaos because I didn’t want to be like everyone else with the space marines even though I thought they look awesome, But im finally giving in and bought a tac squad. this would help me build.

  10. Always interested but never knew anyone who played. As for the paint I’ll have to think about that

  11. I haven’t played since 3rd Edition, as an Eldar Saim-Hann and Dark angels player. 4th came out and I left the game for the Navy.
    now that I have money again I was thinking of jumping back in with marines or IGs. I’d think of going back to Dark Angel’s, but Ultras might be calling my name. Or maybe blood ravens…. I do love DoW… or Blood Angels? too hard to decide

  12. I found an old Black Library novel in my small town book store, and it spiraled out of control from there. I fell in love with the 40k Universe, its stories and miniatures. This box would help kick start my friends Space Wolf army, so that he can finally compete against my Thousand Sons!

  13. I got into 40k from my friend in high school, after he told me about the lore and the massive, expansive grimdark universe and needless to say I was HOOKED. We saved up forever to buy some starter sets,and life got in the way and I fell out of the hobby, I got back into it a few months ago and now have a force of Space Smurfs! I would paint this box JUST like them, and on the plus side it has a DREADNOUGHT, and every army needs a dready 🙂

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