The Final Fantasy IV Fiasco

I’m taking a slight break from my normal posts.   Recently I’ve had surgery, and while I’m fine and even mostly recovered – I don’t have it in me to research and write at the moment.   However, what I did do today is pick Final Fantasy IV back up. 

Years ago I was going to work through all the Final Fantasy games.   The only one I had beaten was Final Fantasy VII.  When they started coming out on Gameboy Advance, I thought this was my chance.   I could take them on the road, play them on airplanes, and get through them.  I managed to take down Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II.   At this time Final Fantasy III had not come out yet on the DS, and I wanted to play them on actual hardware.   So I skipped III and moved onto IV.  

Everything was going great. I managed to make it to the final boss of the game, and failure.  I tried beating him a dozen times.   Every single time was a failure.  I wasn’t against using walk throughs as needed, so I consulted online.   Something had to be going on. 

Well it turns out there was.   I sold the knife.   The knife that you throw at the final boss that does 9999 damage.  This was game breaking for me.   I put it down about 9 years ago and never returned.   My copy of Final Fantasy V for the Gameboy Advance laid still sealed in its original plastic.   There was no reason to open it.  I hadn’t beaten IV.  This scenario has bothered me for years.   It was a plague on all of my retro houses that wouldn’t clear no matter how much I blew in the cartridges.   

So we move into this evening.   I powered up my Gameboy Advance and started it at it again.I started out thinking to myself that I was just going to start all over again.  Then I saw the saved game.  The one from almost a decade ago that haunts me  Even though I blocked myself from the easy win by selling the proper weapon, there are other ways to beat the boss.  So now, I’m going to grind the characters up to max level.   I’ve gone up four levels this evening so far.   Only about fifty more to go.  

It is going to be a long tedious grind just running back and forth to pull out the random encounters for a chance of XP.   It will be worth it though.   This is some mind therapy that I’ll be working on as I get back to full form.   Maybe then I’ll get a chance to play through Final Fantasy V.   Of course, now that I have an older game still in the plastic, I won’t be opening it.  That copy is already worth double what I paid for it.  So, likely I will be going the emulation route for the rest of the series.  

I have heard that VI is better than V.  If I run into the same frustration with Final Fantasy V that I have had with IV, it might be another decade before I find that out.  Wish me luck.  

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