Final Fantasy IV Finished

A couple of days ago I wrote about the run through Final Fantasy IV (Final Fantasy II for you SNES players) that left me broken about a decade ago.   Now we are at that point where I can close that chapter of my life.   I would like to say around 11:00PM last night I put this game behind me. 

The last couple days when I was doing other things, I just randomly walked back and forth on the screen.  I would wait for a random encounter to spawn, and then depending on what I was fighting give the creature as little attention as possible to defeat him.  I was doing this over and over again until I went up 20 levels.   Cecil was level 46 when I started and 66 when I went “meh, let’s try that final battle again”.   

Rosa and Rydia had learned their top-level spells, so beyond hit points and some more attack power, there wasn’t any reason to drag it out 30 more levels.   Surprisingly it was easier than I would have thought.   A decade ago it was all doom and gloom and the internet confirming you need the knife I sold to beat the boss.   Luckily this doesn’t seem to be the end all be all of the game.   

Since I beat the storyline on the Gameboy Advance version, there are additional dungeons that unlock after you the beat the game.  I’ll be the first to say I’m not bothering with those.  I never had an interest in chasing a gold chocobo in Final Fantasy VII, I don’t care about the side quests in this game.  So, I consider this game done and finished. 

Now we have to think about Final Fantasy V.  My GBA version is still sealed, doing a quick look on e-bay shows it is worth 60-80.00 sealed on the right day.   However a loose copy can be purchased for around 15.00.   I’m not happy with the idea of destroying 45.00 by breaking the seal.  To work around this, I’m the high bidder on a loose cartridge.  

I was going to go back and play Final Fantasy III on an emulator.  While there are save states and such through the emulator and saving within the game, I just played.   I was remembering Dragon Warrior where if you died, you would show back at the kingdom with half the gold.  However, after being an a couple of hours into the game and then dying – this is not the case.  It turns out it is permadeath that takes you to the title screen.   

Even though the game is different because of graphics and character names, I’m opting to play the DS version.  I bought a cheap copy on E-bay and it should be here next week.   With two games to work through, and the time it has taken me to get through IV (around a decade), I might make it to VI around retirement.   We shall see.  


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