A conversion for changing vehicles to toughness in 8th Edition

I started playing Warhammer 40k in Fifth Edition. One of the first models that I got was a Land Raider mainly because it was so bad ass to look at and also because I wanted to run a Logan/Arjac Death Star. When sixth edition came out Land Raiders suddenly became too expensive to field because of the hull point system. A well placed Melta Bomb or six would effectively take out 250 pts out of 1850 list. Since then very few people have fielded vehicles unless they came in the form of free transports in Gladius Strike Force, Wolf Claw Strike Force, etc. Eighth edition now looms large and for many the hull point system has made it so that vehicles aren’t worth it. So what is a player to do? Let’s convert vehicles to toughness.

Armor to Toughness conversion

The answer to armor to toughness is already found in the values that we have for vehicles. Let’s take a look at the Rhino as an example. The pillar of the Empire’s Space Marines Rhino’s have the following stats:

Front Armor: 11
Side Armor: 11
Rear Armor: 10

So how do we create a conversion? The first thing that we do is add the three values together to get 32. Average those three values and you get the answer 10.67, but that isn’t enough to get a good toughness value for a vehicle, so we also divide in half and round. In this case you get 5.33 or a toughness value of 5 for a vehicle. That sounds about right to me. Toughness 5 with 3 Wounds sounds like a much better solution to vehicles.

Now let’s look at Land Raiders in the same formula:

Front Armor: 14
Side Armor: 14
Rear Armor: 14


A land Raider having Toughness 7 and 4 Wounds makes a lot of sense to me as well. The question now becomes how do we solve for things like Imperial Knights and Stompas?

Well we have the same conversion happen:

Imperial Knight:

Front Armor: 13
Side Armor: 12
Rear Armor: 12

12.33/2=6(Rounded down)

Seems unfair that such a large creature has a toughness value of only 6 in comparison to the Rhino, but now it has six wounds. How about that Stompa?

Front Armor: 13
Side Armor: 13
Rear Armor: 12

12.67/2=6(Rounded Down)

Also seems unfair until you have the Stompa with 12 wounds that you are trying to take down.

What do you think do you like the hull point system? Or the Armor to Toughness Conversion? Maybe something else. Take the poll and leave a comment.

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2 thoughts on “A conversion for changing vehicles to toughness in 8th Edition

  1. There are already some benchmarks in place without trying to convert it to a math problem. For instance, what can a bolter do to a vehicle? What can a lascannon do? How does the model compare to existing gargantuan or monstrous creatures that do the same things?

    As examples – a bolter can glance a rhino’s back armor. Toughness 6 might be appropriate.
    A lascannon can glance a land raider on a 5 or pen on a 6. Toughness 10 might be appropriate.
    An Imperial Knight is comparable to an Eldar Wraithknight. Toughness 8 and Strength 10 are good fits.

    1. Interesting. I like where you are going with this. I had not thought about it that way and it simplifies things.

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