Album Review- Mors Principium Est

Embers of a Dying World (2017)

Welcome to my first album review on! I’d like to make this short and sweet, to summarize my thoughts on this album. I used to love listening to new metal, but as metal has evolved over the last decade, it has changed with the times and has lost some ingenuity, and at times causes me to fear listening to a new album by older, beloved bands. A few years back, powerhouse bands in every facet of metal released earth-shattering, unforgettable albums, such as Mors Principium Est in their 2012 album …and Death Said Live. They’re back at it again with another album, albeit a very interesting one, Embers of a Dying World. From the intro through to the end, it’s full of orchestral pieces and gives me a faint reminder of symphonic black metal, which would be an interesting turn for the melodeath band, who has been full of aggression and melodic riffs. The album takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster, surprising listeners with a couple of songs, such as In Torment” and “Apprentice of Death,” with the latter closing the album, giving listeners a powerful close to a great 2017 album.

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